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Women in Apologetics Conference [REPLAY]

Women in Apologetics Conference: Love God with All Your Mind

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Women in Apologetics Conference [REPLAY]

Within the Church there are passionate women of God who serve, worship, and love God with all their hearts and minds. God desires for us to love Him with our whole being and experience a deeper relationship with Him. This January, join Women in Apologetics as they host their first apologetics conference–in partnership with Biola’s Apologetics DepartmentIntelligent Faith, and Mama Bear Apologetics. We will wrestle with the tough questions and help equip you to minister to doubting skeptics and struggling Christians. We welcome women to join the conversation!
Plenary Talks [Speaker, Title & Description]

Mary Jo Sharp
Responding to the Intolerance of the New Tolerance
We live in a confused society in which “the truth is exchanged for a lie.” One exchange that is affecting Christians is that tolerance is exchanged for intolerance. “Who are you to judge” and “that’s hate speech” are rampant slogans of our day. In this session, we will look at how Christians can respond to the accusation of intolerance. 

Hillary Morgan Ferrer
Diagnosing Doubt: Understanding and Overcoming Hidden Obstacles to Faith
Doubt can be a master of disguise. It can show up as apathy, aggression, or even fear. Many people think that doubt can be solved by having the right answers to all the questions, but faith is more than just intellectual understanding. It has emotional, behavioral, spiritual, and even physiological components that all affect how we relate to God. Whether you struggle with doubt, or have a spouse, friend, or child that does, come learn the 4 primary ways that doubt gains a foothold, how it spreads, and how to address the actual problem, no matter how it presents itself. 

Natasha Crain
Equipping the Next Generation with a Confident Faith
It's no secret that large numbers of young people are leaving Christianity, in large part due to the faith challenges posed by today's secular world. Unprepared for the claims they hear against the truth of Christianity, they're unable to respond and are left ashamed and confused. This talk will explain why teaching kids apologetics is a critical part of the solution, offer a framework for defining what it means to teach kids apologetics, and give practical tips for doing so. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, extended family member, teacher, church ministry leader or neighbor, you have the God-given opportunity and responsibility to equip the next generation with a confident faith. 

Melissa Cain Travis
Mere Creation: Engaging the Scientific Skeptic 
This session will correct the all-too-common idea that science and the existence of God are incompatible. After explaining how philosophical commitments are at the root of the science and faith debate, Melissa will present the fine-tuning argument for the existence of God, which uses evidence from physics and cosmology to demonstrate that theism, as opposed to materialism, is a better explanation for the nature of the cosmos.

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