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You Are Not The Typical Psychotherapist

Intense experiential workshop aimed at addressing the psychotherapist's entrepreneurial dilemma.

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You Are Not The Typical Psychotherapist

“You are not the typical psychotherapist” workshop, is for the therapist who believe they can be better and do better as an entrepreneur providing care to the community. This workshop will explore ways to unleash your creative, risk-taking and sexy professional persona. 
We will explore taking calculated risks, money management, money-shame issues, unresolved/unconscious self-defeating narratives and executing multiple streams of income that works for you. 

We will also explore how to cultivate your creative gifts and psychotherapy expertise can enhance and promote community wellness. I have spent a better part of my career taking risks. With multiple projects and streams of incomes, I have a lot to share about this exciting life called entrepreneurship. 

What: Intense experiential workshop aimed at addressing the psychotherapist’s entrepreneurial dilemma. 

When: Saturday July 7th 1p.m.-5p.m. PST 

Why: Because you are not the typical psychotherapist! You are an entrepreneur within, but you haven't discovered or unleashed that part of YOU yet!  

Presenter/Host: Ernesto Segismundo Jr. LMFT 

This workshop is for you if...   
  • You get easily excited about new business ideas. But unsure how to execute them.
  • You are the creative type. But not sure about how to harness your talents.
  • You desire to take more risk in your business but paralyzed by fear and the unknown.
  • You struggle with money management and developing a solid business model.
  • You don't see yourself as the "typical" psychotherapist.
  • You dream of having multiple streams of income.
Hi friends! My name is Ernesto Segismundo and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist. I grew up in a family that was always looking for ways to make money. My family sold everything from fruits, vegetables and even random Asian porcelain figurines! My family was passionate and creative at selling these products. But, when it came to a solid business plan and a money management system, NOT SO MUCH! There were many failures along the way because of it.   

One thing I appreciated about being exposed to so many business failures and diverse angles in business, is that, I would eventually find the system that aligned with my personality, my energy level and the way my brain processed information. When I received my license as marriage and family therapist, I became mindful about the business side of the profession. Then in 2013, I was paid to do a promotional video for a therapist. Low and behold! I discovered that I didn't have to be JUST a psychotherapist. I stumbled upon the concept of multiple streams of income! I started tapping into other business adventures apart from psychotherapy and merge them together into a cohesive, yet separate brand.  

Slowly, through the years I started realizing that many psychotherapist operated from the perspective that they need to be a psychotherapist FIRST and then develop the entrepreneurial skills when they venture into private practice. No wonder many psychotherapists in private practice, fail or are stagnant in their growth. They don't know how to be an entrepreneur! I believe that, to be successful business owner you must develop important entrepreneurial skills and merge into that persona.   

Well you might be thinking to yourself, "Ernesto graduate programs are not set up to teach students entrepreneurial skills!" You are exactly right and THAT is the problem! The problem of graduate psychology programs is that they don't prepare their students for the business side of our profession, or even teach professional business development. Let's be honest, they are prepping graduate students for county work and the ridiculous 100 hours work week!
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